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As part of my project "mercurial", informatin was migrated to it.

Lecutrers have recently started to use online services as assistance to their lecture. That could be quiz, video, search engines, slides or data sharing services.
But this is not structurized!
There should be one generalized tool or a "lecture assistant"-site for every lecture, where the material is placed and can be accessed easily.
This is an attempt to solve the issue.

Some impressions

In this form you can create a new informatin and view those, you've already created.

Thats how an informatin will be displayed in shared view.

So you can display two websites at once and have a telegram chat assistant. But how could that be helpful?

Well, in the main view, display your slides you are lecturing. On the side view, display a quiz or additional info. Via the telegram interface, students can make anonymous questions.