Since I was 10, one of my greatest hobbies is watching the stars. When I was 14 I bought my first telescope on my own and added many parts with the years. In the following table I want to share my equipment.

My Telescope

It's an 254/1200 SkyQuest XT10 f/4.7 Dobsonian Newton-mirror telescope mounted on an AZ/EQ-6 mount. It's maximal light-collecting capability is 1320-times of an 7mm pupil. The maximal payload of the mount is 20kgs (on each side!), so the telescope may be upgraded in future.

My eyepieces

A 25mm plössl.

9mm wide angle

7mm planetary WA

6.3mm plössl (kind of useless, it was a gift)

5mm LE planetary

3x premium barlow lens

7mm to 2mm zoom ocular: Useful for fast starhopping

Atmospheric disperison corrector

Additional stuff

Some color and moon or IR filters

Laser for mirror alignment

ZWO ASI 120mm monocolor camera

SynFocus Flipmirror
All together in two beautiful cases for easy transport